Welcome to our Code of Practice

The Code of Practice has been established by the Australian Liquor Stores Association (ALSA) and agreed to by the LSA of WA. We feel the application of the Code will be for the benefit of society and the Western Australian community.
All Members of the LSA of WA have agreed to

  • Demonstrate integrity and responsibility in the conduct of their business.
  • Not allow the sale or supply of liquor to any persons under the age of 18.
  • Request that an approved form of identification be produced by any persons suspected of being under age.
  • Employ staff of good character, maintain proper standards of staff training and encourage development of their staff.
  • Ensure that the promotion and advertising of liquor in their stores is conducted in a responsible manner.
  • Promote the sale of liquor by their stores in a responsible manner:
    • recognising that the product of liquor is different to other beverages;
    • recognising the dangers associated with the abuse and misuse of liquor
    • and encouraging the consumption of liquor in moderation.
  • Know and observe their responsibilities under their licence and the Liquor Act.